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An audience of One

I have been inspired recently by the courage and vulnerability of a friend and co-laborer, Julie Rodgers. You can check out the posts I have been inspired by here, here and most importantly here. Thus, this post is probably going to be a lot more personal and raw than it probably should be. I typically … Continue reading

Why I seem “wishy-washy”

This evening I was asked a very good question by a Twitter follower so I decided I should probably clarify some things for everyone. I was asked my position on a tweet I retweeted. My follower commented: “@DrTristaCarr sometimes I dont understand why you RT the things you do…what is your take on the “ex-radical … Continue reading

Courage All Around!

Today I was asked to blog about courage. My Twitter friend, Registered Runaway, came out to one of his friends today and cited me and my encouragement. He then proceeded to suggest that I write a post about courage. Immediately I thought, I have no clue what to write about in terms of courage! Why … Continue reading