Exciting news about my private practice…

I’m back in business! I have officially transitioned from the SF Bay area to the Central Valley of CA. I am no longer accepting any new clients in my previous SF office but am currently accepting clients in Visalia, CA. I am also available for consultation and speaking engagements throughout the country and abroad. Check out my website’s Contact Me page for details.

Here’s a bit about my practice from my website: I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. So that means I have been trained to work with individuals who suffer from various conditions. I have seen clients with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep issues, impulse control problems, attention and concentration problems, issues with dissociation, experiences of trauma, sexual dysfunctions, tic disorders, phobias, personality disorders, and more. I am qualified to treat and diagnose disorders found in the DSM.

My areas of specialty are in dealing with trauma, issues of sexuality, and concerns with faith. Thus, I am presently focusing my clinical practice on issues related to sexuality, faith, and gender dysphoria. I work with sexual minorities (either LGB-identified or not) and transgender or gender nonconforming individuals; including those who are also grappling with their faith traditions. More details are below.

I regularly consult with physicians and psychiatrists if my clients need medication to help them deal with the problems they are experiencing.

I am formally trained in working with all kinds of sexual issues. From sex therapy concerns for couples to sexual trauma to sexual and gender identity issues.

I specialize in working with individuals who struggle with sexual identity and gender identity concerns. These could be LGBT persons struggling with coming out, living congruently with their beliefs, relationship issues, HIV/AIDS, etc. Or it could be sexual minorities who do not identify as LGBT who are struggling with issues related to their faith values, talking to others about their experiences, stigmatization, and so forth.

NOTE: I DO NOT conduct any type of reorientation, conversion, or reparative therapy. These therapies have questionable, often negative, results that have not been fully studied by methodologically sound research. I also do not conduct prescriptive gay-affirming therapy for individuals struggling to navigate the interaction between their religious beliefs and sexuality as there are again no methodologically sound studies to support this type of treatment either. The therapy I offer for individuals experiencing conflict between their sexual identity and faith values is client-focused Sexual Identity Therapy, which is the type of therapy suggested by the American Psychological Association (2009) in their report on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

So, if you know of folks in the Central Valley of CA that could use a therapist, feel free to give them my contact information.

Keep on keeping on…

In Christ’s love and mine…

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