New blog site

Hello everyone!

I am announcing my move from a static blog on my website to one that is more dynamic and can accept comments. This is a bit scarey for me, even though I know it is what I need to do. I already welcome and accept critical feedback from others in most ares of my life—even if, to those who know me best, it doesn’t seem like it—because I know it helps to educate me on differing opinions and keeps me enlightened about how to grow if, when, and where its needed. But opening oneself up to potential opposition from anyone in the world can be a little daunting. And to be honest with you, this move feels like a huge step of faith. To some that may seem a little overboard…a little dramatic. Yet these are my feelings, and I tend to have BIG feelings.

So please bear with me as I make this transition. I am not only transitioning to a new blog site, but I am also transitioning my focus—or more aptly put, I am finally focusing in on the focus and call on my life. This new blog will be more directly related to my passions, those things that get me fired up, those things that light up my face when I speak of them, those things that get my arms and body moving while I’m talking…things like: Jesus, sexuality, the Church, psychology, faith, and living at the intersection of all of these.

If you’d like to get to know a little more about me, you can do so here. Otherwise, you can just continue to check back to this site and read what’s on my mind. I hope you enjoy and are somehow blessed by the words I’ve been given to share.

In Christ’s love and mine…

PS: If you have any comments you’d like to share about any of the previous posts I made on my website here, feel free to make those comments below this entry. I welcome them.


2 thoughts on “New blog site

  1. Trista, I’ll be meeting you next week at Dr. Sytsma’s class.
    In your bio you said you got a Master’s while in Akron, OH. Where did you do your undergraduate? I graduated from nearby College of Wooster back in 1977.

    • Hello Steve,

      I also received my undergraduate degree in Art from Akron seven years before starting my Master’s at Akron.
      I look forward to meeting you next week.


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