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One-Word Theme

This idea of a one-word theme for the year was a fairly new concept for me last year. I took the challenge from a couple people to come up with my word for 2014, and I felt like my word for last year was “vulnerability”. I obviously had no clue what 2014 held in store … Continue reading

2014: A Word & a Beginning

Please forgive my lengthy and inexcusable departure from writing. I honestly have no “good” reason for it. Claiming to be busy seems like a cop out. The more honest answer is that I haven’t written much in the last few months because I’ve been watching too much Netflix when I’m not working, traveling, or collaborating … Continue reading

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Have you ever heard this question? It seems to be the million-dollar question within the gay-Christian debate. Is homosexuality a sin? Aside from what you might think, I’m not going to answer that question. Why, you might ask… Because, it is not the right question to be asking! As Andrew Marin so skillfully discusses in … Continue reading

God in the Midst of Suffering

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything. And I am sorry for that.  I am sad and frustrated with myself that it seems like such an overbearing and heavy responsibility to write something that will inspire, encourage, enlighten, challenge, and/or otherwise entertain you. I read so many other blog posts by amazing authors … Continue reading